Kevin Sullivan

Empowering others at the intersection of technology and creativity.


Engineer. Creating interactive geospatial visuals for hyper-dense environmental data in WebGL. Featured work at the United Nations and New York Times: Cities for Tomorrow.

Architected an in-browser metadata graph engine for flexible querying and display. Also setup a versatile authentication platform for all of our user interfaces.

State of the art practices for fast, correct, and maintainable user interfaces. Includes static type systems, isomorphic rendering, continuous deployment, and more.


Engineer. Worked on a generative testing system for a point-of-sales mobile app and hardware.


Consulting. Started a social graph web crawler and complementary fraud detection system using PostgreSQL.


Intern. Frontend engineering for a new learning management system design.


Intern. Frontend engineering, prototyping, and authentication system.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Computer Science major. Leader of WebMonkeys SIG for ACM.

Projects include architecting a basic processor, implementing an ML language, memory allocator, TCP stack, routing protocols, game AI, computer virus, and more.